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Terms and Conditions

  • By authorising Past Discoveries to commence research you agree to these terms and conditions which is the contract between Past Discoveries and yourself.
  • Your initial consultation will be free of charge.
  • Past Discoveries will send all research by special delivery postage to be signed for. If personal information has been sent to us this will be returned at the same time.
  • Past Discoveries does not undertake any work regarding Heir Searches or any such work whereby there are disputes regarding descendants of any deceased person. Past Discoveries will not be liable for any work undertaken whereby this has not been disclosed or mentioned at the beginning of research.
  • Past Discoveries reserves the right to decline research such as “John Smith from London born circa. 1900” as the likelihood for success would be low.
  • Past Discoveries will carry out the research as agreed with the client whether it be Bespoke Research or a Family History Research Package. A guarantee of success cannot be given as research is dependent on external factors and also as to whether documents have survived. My time spent researching is still chargeable even if the conclusion is a NIL result.
  • Full and final payment is due nearing completion of the research. No report or bound book will be provided to the client unless full payment has been received and cleared.
  • We will not pass research data to any third party without your permission. In the likelihood that research needs to be undertaken out of my research areas then you would be consulted with beforehand to confirm permission. In this event I would commission the services of a qualified genealogist close to the archive where the research needs to be undertaken.
  • A research commission can be cancelled at any time providing that any research already undertaken or any part of a report already completed is paid for in full at the time of cancellation.
  • Any charges such as copies of documentation, travel expenses, photography permits and other charges such as copies of wills obtained during the research will be charged on completion of the research commission.
  • During a research commission it may become apparent that various records are missing from archival repositories and so in the event of records not being found then my time spent researching will be charged for.
  • The copyright of all reports supplied remains with Past Discoveries. Reports are for your sole and family use only and may not be reproduced in any form. Reports cannot be uploaded to the internet including Ancestry family trees or your personal website without the express written permission of Lisa Dunbar at Past Discoveries.
  • This Contract has been devised under English Law and is governed by the UK Court jurisdiction only.

GDPR and Privacy

From 25th May 2018 a new EU data protection law comes into force EU 2016/679. This new law gives individuals control over how their data is used and stored and places certain obligations on businesses that hold information about their clients.

  • When clients contact Past Discoveries they provide their name, address, email address and contact telephone number. It is possible that a client may supply a birth certificate as a starting point for research to begin and this would be a legitimate use for using this information. Your personal details are only used for communication purposes and for the purposes of carrying out research on your behalf. This information is not passed on to a third party or used for marketing purposes. Past Discoveries do not use your data for sending out newsletters. Past Discoveries do not keep banking details of their clients.
  • Once research has been finished your report will either be sent via email using pdf or will be sent via special delivery postage which is the safest method to use via Royal Mail. Your report will then be archived onto an external hard drive which is kept on my premises. Emails and a copy of your report will be kept on my computer. At any point a client can ask for their information and report to be destroyed at which point this would be carried out. Your research report would be kept as many clients ask for further research years later and for this reason it will be stored. You can ask for your report to be deleted at any time.
  • Clients can contact Past Discoveries at any point to ask which information is held on them.
  • Once research is completed then Past Discoveries will not contact you unless you ask for further research.
  • By signing a contract with Past Discoveries then you are opting in for your information to be held by Past Discoveries but at any time you can opt out and your information will be destroyed.
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