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House History Research

House histories reveal the history of your house and disclose who the earliest residents were through to who occupies the house at the present time. The history of your house will cover all aspects of its history including the history of the residents who once lived within the same walls as you as well as the history of past owners of the land on which your house was built. The house history will show how different parts of the house were extended over time and who lived in the house at the time of the different renovations. The history of your house may also reveal that the building was once a public house, inn, school, farm house or that it may even have been used as occupational premises such as a butchers shop or a blacksmiths workplace.

House History records that may be found during the research are census returns, electoral registers, ordnance survey maps and other historical maps of the local area, parish records, architectural plans if available, wills of past residents, old photographs of your house or pub, land taxes, insurance records, deeds, newspapers and manorial records. All of these records will reveal a wealth of information on your house.

Before research begins I offer a free initial consultation whereby your house is discussed at length. A review is made of any information that you may have in your possession about your house such as photographs or deeds. An initial guide price will also be discussed and is dependent on how you wish for the history to be presented either as a comprehensive history presented in a bound book or with lesser detail but including all of the key information which is presented in a presentation folder.

I also undertake histories of local public houses which give a fascinating history of past publicans and may also reveal that the building was a local inn offering individuals food, lodging and stabling for their horses.

Sample house history books

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  • A House History of Hill House
  • A House History of Oak Cottage
  • A House History of 11 Morris Road
  • A House History of Rose Cottage
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