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My standard hourly rate is £27.00 per hour for research, analysis of information and compilation of your report.

For localised research I cover the record offices of Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich) although research can be undertaken in other areas by arrangement. I also cover all of the repositories in London including The National Archives, The Guildhall Library, The London Metropolitan Archives, The British Library, Westminster Archives, The Principle Probate Registry and The Society of Genealogists.

I do not charge travelling time to any of the record offices that I visit.

Expenses include the following.

  • The cost of buying birth, marriage and death certificates currently priced at £9.25.
  • Photocopying or scanning charges of documentation at archives.
  • The cost of copying or downloading of documents.
  • A photography permit at an archive if needed.
  • Units required for access to family history websites that I do not have a subscription for.
  • Postage and packaging costs including special delivery postage of your report.
  • Time spent in communicating with your whether by telephone, email and letter.
  • Travel costs: Train fares and parking at archives. Mileage is charged at the current HMRC rate of 0.45p per mile.

Family History Research Packages

Family Tree Packages are a set fee inclusive of all GRO certificates, downloads and print-outs of documentation to be included in your report. No other charges will be added onto the price.

Edwardian £190.00
Victorian £500.00
Georgian £985.00
Tudor £1875.00


My standard hourly rate for tuition is £30.00 per hour.

Photography Service

My standard hourly rate for this service is £20.00 per hour plus mileage charged at the current HMRC rate of 45p per mile.

Surname Meanings

This service is charged at £25.00 for which you will receive a full report on your chosen surname.

Victorian and Edwardian Photograph Dating and Analysis including Occupational and Military Photographs

One Victorian and Edwardian Photograph Dating and Analysis £20.00
Three Victorian and Edwardian Photographs Dating and Analysis £50.00
One Occupational and Military Uniform Photograph Dating and Analysis £40.00
Three Occupational and Military Photographs Dating and Analysis £100.00

Please see Photo Analysis page for more detail.

House Histories

Please call for a discussion about the history of your house. If possible give a rough guide as to when your house was built. Your house will be discussed in detail and a price will be given on application dependant on how you wish for the research to be presented either as a report in a presentation folder or as a bound book.

Please see House History page for more detail.

Bound Storybooks

There are two types of bound storybooks.

Georgian Storybook - Fully researched bound storybook back to your 8 Great Grandparents £985.00
Tudor Storybook - Fully researched bound storybook back to your 16 Great Great Grandparents £1875.00
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