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Bespoke Research

I offer both online research and archival research at various county and London archives. Many researchers only use online records and indexes but to achieve a complete history about the lives of your ancestors records need to be researched that are found at various archival repositories. I offer both bespoke research and various family history research packages that can be customised to your specific requirements.

Do you know absolutely nothing about your family and would like to have your family history researched from the beginning?

Has your family heard the story of an ancestor that has been passed through the generations and you would like to know if the myth about your ancestor is true?

Have you hit a "brick wall" in your research and would like some professional help? I can offer my expertise and knowledge to help you progress further with your research.

In addition to the bespoke research offered above I also offer the following research services–

Photography Service

I offer a photography service whereby I can be commissioned to photograph the area or village where your family lived. I can photograph the local church where your family was baptised or married and maybe the gravestone where your ancestor was buried if it has survived. Photographs can help bring your family history to life and can be an interesting source to add into your family history report. I offer this service for Hertfordshire, Essex, South Cambridgeshire and North London. Other areas can be photographed on request.

Surname Meanings

Would you like to know more about the history of your surname?

Would you like to know how the history of your surname evolved over time?

Would you like to know from where your surname may have originated?

I can research your surname and give you the variants of the name that have been used over time and also indicate where the surname originated. Some surnames have more than one meaning and place of origin but this will be indicated in the surname report. You would receive a report on the surname meaning, variants, origin and localisation of the name.

Victorian and Edwardian Photograph Dating and Analysis including Occupational and Military Photographs

Victorian, Edwardian, civilian occupations and military photographs can be dated and analysed revealing a wealth of information about the photograph. Photographs are researched by working with the type of mount, the props in the photograph and the fashions people are wearing. A detailed analysis of the photograph can be made often suggesting a special occasion such as a marriage, engagement, christening or even a death in the family whereby the person may be wearing mourning dress. Military and occupational photographs are also researched revealing the occupation or regiment along with a timeframe when the person served or worked. Studio photographers are sometimes stated on the mount or stamped on the reverse of the photograph and can be researched to reveal their operational dates.

House Histories

House Histories reveal a wealth of information about your house and the land it was built on. The history of your house may reveal that the building was once a public house, inn, school, farmhouse or that it may have been used as occupational premises such as a butchers shop or a blacksmiths workplace. House history records that may be found during the research are census returns, electoral registers, ordnance survey maps and other historical maps of the local area, parish records, architectural plans if available, wills of past residents, old photographs of your house or pub, land taxes, insurance records, deeds, newspapers and manorial records. All of these records will reveal a wealth of information on your house. The house history research is different for each house and is reliant on the historical information available for the plot of land that your house was built on.

If you have another research requirement not mentioned or you are a professional genealogist requiring research at a local archive then please contact me to discuss further.

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