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Bespoke Bound Family Storybooks

I specialise in researching and compiling deluxe bound family history storybooks. These storybooks cover all of the direct family lines inclusive of all of their children and are typically researched back to the sixteen great great grandparents from the source person, but one line could be taken back further if required. The storybooks are fully illustrated throughout in full colour and include not only the historical information found during the research online or at archives, but will include local history and national history as well, so bringing your family history to life. Historical timelines are included throughout the history as well as key historical facts showing how historical events impacted on the lives of your ancestors. The history is researched and compiled with full citation of sources for the genealogical facts found during the research and will also include original images of documents where possible. The full colour storybook will include pedigree charts throughout showing all of the people found in the history.

A typical full-colour illustrated bespoke storybook will include —

  • A Contents Page
  • Surname meanings with an illustrative graph of your family names
  • Many birth, marriage and death certificates found during the history of the direct line ancestors only.
  • Images of material consulted at archives or via online sources.
  • Historical timelines and history pages.
  • General information found for every storybook will be GRO certificates, census material, wills, parish registers, directories, maps and First World War records where possible for anyone found fighting during the war.
  • Other possible information to find maybe occupational registers such as merchant seamen, newspaper cuttings, land and tithe records, directories, freedom of the city papers and apprenticeship information.
  • Transcriptions of any wills found during the research
  • Old Maps of where your family lived
  • Pedigree Charts of all people found in the history.
  • Full source citations for the genealogical information found
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix of all census images found for the family.
  • A storybook back to your sixteen great great grandparents is typically between 110-210 pages.

The storybooks can range from a direct line of a family (i.e. The paternal lineage) or they can encompass the whole history of your family. The storybooks are extremely flexible and if you wish can be expanded further to include extra information on a notable ancestor such as a clergyman, seaman or aristocratic ancestor. The storybooks can start from scratch or can be based on your own historical research that you have undertaken and can be inclusive of all living generations of your family if you wish. Further research can be undertaken to verify the information that you already know. Family history storybooks are an ideal way to preserve your family history for future generations to enjoy and can include family photographs and scans of any family cherished items. Additionally any family papers that the family have in their possession can be photographed and scanned and included in the storybook if you wish. The storybooks are an ideal birthday, Christmas or anniversary present, and are an excellent family keepsake for all of the family and future generations to enjoy.

Sample storybooks

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  • An example storybook
  • An example storybook
  • An example storybook
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